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  • Detained ‘Religious Extremists’ Mostly Uyghur Women And Children

    Nearly all the members of a group of people detained by authorities in southwestern China near the border with Vietnam over the weekend are ethnic Uyghur women and children from China’s restive Xinjiang region, a source said Thursday.

  • Two Tibetans Shot While Trying to Protect Self-Immolator

    Two Tibetans sustained gunshot wounds while attempting to protect a monk who had self-immolated in protest from authorities in southwestern China’s Sichuan province, a source said Wednesday.

  • Woman Held After Trying to 'Bring Gospel' to Chinese President

    Authorities in China's capital have detained a Christian believer from the northeast of the country after she tried to put up placards outside government headquarters in the heart of Beijing in a bid to "spread the gospel" to President Xi Jinping and his wife.

  • China Bans 'Un-Chinese' Christmas Celebrations in Schools, Colleges

    While many Chinese people have welcomed Christmas this week as a religious holiday or an excuse to shop and party, the officially atheist ruling Chinese Communist Party appears to be growing nervous over the tendency to import "Western culture."

  • More Than 100 Nuns Expelled From Convent in Tibetan County

    Chinese authorities have expelled more than 100 Tibetan nuns from a convent in a southwestern Tibetan county near the border with Nepal, sending them back to their family homes and requiring them to wear lay dress, according to Tibetan sources.

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